Howdy folks we're the Southwest Biscuit Company,
a red hot WESTERN SWING BAND, with a groove that is sure to keep you dancing all night long.

We play all over Southern California, and anywhere else that'll have us. We play western dance music, so you can be sure whether you're doing lindy/shag or bal or two-stepping or maybe even waltzing we've got something for you.

Our band is a five piece consisting of Jody Byrd on lead vocals, Jordan Bush on Steel Guitar/ Harmonica/Banjo. etc., Ray Bergstrom on Take-off Guitar, Armando Wood on Bass Fiddle, and Dave Green on Drums.

We write a lot of our own material, but we always love giving some attention to the lesser known western tunes from those eras, and you can always hear a healthy dose of Bob Wills and others at our shows.